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The 14 Real Estate Investments NOT To Invest In"

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K. Kai Anderson, 
Author of the award-winning book: 
Retire on Real Estate

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  • Your cheat sheet for what NOT to buy or invest in, in 2022!
  • Learn to instantly identify a risky investment... even if you have no experience.
  • Avoid "lessons learned the hard way" or going broke (from a bad investment)! 
  • ​Finally get concrete answers about what makes a good (or bad) investment!
  • ​Discover the "yellow brick road" path every beginner real estate investor can follow to develop rental property mastery & build cashflow for life, to prevent running out of money when you stop working. 

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K. Kai Anderson
Author of the award-winning book: 
Retire on Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe & Secure Retirement

This resource is not to be construed as investment, financial, tax, accounting, legal, "market-timing" or portfolio advice, 
It is best used when coordinated with individualized professional advice from a licensed professional in at least one of these fields. 


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