Check out this very unique opportunity 
(with massive discounts once-in-a-lifetime bonus of free weekly strategy sessions for a year!) 
Because you reached this page, I know that 
(In other words... YOU GET IT!!!)

The Three Phases to Rental Property Mastery:

  • Phase 1: Understanding... That you need rental property for authentic diversification, never-ending cash flow, and a safe & secure (and prosperous) retirement!
  • Phase 2: Learning... All the skills necessary for rental property mastery
  • Phase 3: Taking Action & BECOMING... A rental property investor (and master)
Rental Property Mastery (NOW)
For Continuous Cash Flow (Forever)! 
As you already know...
Whether your retirement balance is $3k or $3M:
Your savings are finite*.
Rental Property Income is INFINITE.
*Definition of "finite" = Having limits/bounds; Can be depleted (used up)
(From the Latin word "Finutus", which translates to "finished".)
But you need to get started.
You KNOW that: 
Rental property is the answer.  
Deep in your heart, you've probably known this for a long time. 

You also KNOW that: 
The longer you wait to buy property, the longer it takes 
to pay down your mortgage and experience untethered cash-flow  
that you need for your safe, secure, and even dreamy retirement!

But first, I invite you to take a quick quiz!
Quick Quiz: 
Question #1: Is the "Rental Property Mastery NOW" Masterclass Training right for YOU?

       Do you understand that rental property is the best way to authentically diversify your retirement picture!
       Do you understand that time is of the essence...  And that 1) The sooner you buy rental property = the sooner your mortgages are paid off = the sooner you retire!!  And 2) It's never too late to get started!
       Have you tried other real estate courses, but you've been frustrated by the unrealistic and downright dangerous focus on "getting-rich-quick", the lack of detailed "how-to" information, and/or the inaccessibility of the instructor(s) for questions & conversation? 
       Are you having trouble getting started (and/or taking it to the next level)?  

Question #2: Would it be helpful to have...  

      An authentic, down-to-earth, & experienced coach, there by your side, to help you stay on track and not make any horribly wrong mistakes along the way
      The precise process, broken down into micro-steps, so that failing is next to impossible
      The insider's secrets, shortcuts & formulas, to making investing, house-hunting, and even landlording easy, swift, lower-risk, and even . . . dare I say . . . FUN?!?
      Everything you need to know - in 1 place - to maximize cashflow and minimize risk!
Did you answer "YES" to items under #1 & #2 above? 
If so, please know that I designed 
The "Rental Property Mastery NOW" Masterclass Training 
Specifically For YOU.
Do You Want To Age Into Poverty?
Of Course Not!  
But - as you know - whether you have
$3k or $3M...
this is a very real risk
(if you are relying on the "nest egg" savings model only!)
UNLESS you take action ASAP
By building authentic diversification
with time-tested tool of
cash-flowing rental property!
Hi! I'm Kai!

K. Kai Anderson, PhD

Are you worried that you won’t have
enough saved to safely retire?

There is Another Way . . . 
Get a Chicken!

Real estate investor and landlord for over 15 years.
Author of Retire on Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe & Secure Retirement
      Winner of: 2018 Robert Bruss Book Award (of the National
            Association of Real Estate Editors)
      Named within the top real estate books of all time: By
            The Book Authority
      Published by: Harper-Collins (prior: Publishing arm  of 
             The American Management Association, AMACOM)
      Endorsed by: 
            Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on ABC's Shark Tank
            Kim Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Woman            
            Dr. Todd Sinai, Professor of Real Estate at UPenn's
                                       Wharton School of Business
Personal Belief: I am victim to: NOBODY & NOTHING! I take personal responsibility and try to see each moment as an opportunity to work with what I have to help others and do my best without complaining, deflecting responsibility, or engaging in self-pity. 
Passionate about: Kindness, Authenticity, Democracy, Election Integrity, Racial Justice, LGBT, Women's & Other Human Rights, Animals & The Environment, and Helping others discover their power to reinvent their future, oh and yes... Real Estate! 
So... Why am I on a mission
To help you get a "chicken"?
I started buying rentals because I hated my "golden handcuffs" of a job and needed an exit plan.  I wanted "Out of the rate race!" 

So I bought 5 rentals in about 5 years . . . but I was still in "the rat race"!

Or so I thought!  

It was a few years later, when, I had my big A-ha!

I was having dinner with some friends, and having a great time, that is - until a dark storm cloud entered the room.  The tone suddenly got serious.  Little did I know that I was about to have an lightbulb-moment so big, it would literally shift the financial futures of thousands of people outside my personal orbit.  

The thing is, somehow we got to talking about retirement, a topic that should have been exciting! But the sense of anxiety and dread in the room was palpable. My friends (professional & employed, by the way) ended up sharing with me that they were terrified of having to end up having to choose between two life-endings: 

     1. work for all their living days, or 
     2. retire with the risk and ever-present fear of running out of money . . . and slipping into poverty.  

As I listened to my friends, two sets of feelings stirred inside me. The first was a feeling of deep, but almost guilty, knowing that my wife and I will indeed retire and that we will retire in comfort and with complete financial self-sufficiency once the mortgages from our 5 rental properties are paid off (in less than 15 years) and the cash flow is unharnessed!  

I realized in that moment, that our properties were like magical chickens, laying eggs for us every day - versus the approach of saving up a "nest egg" and then wishing, hoping, and praying it's enough to last once we stop working . . . but never really knowing for sure.

This is when it struck me that financial advisors almost NEVER talk about real estate as an essential component of an authentically diversified retirement picture! It got me to wondering why this was the case.... 

And at the same time, it hit me that 99.9% of the real estate books, programs, classes, and courses out there had it all wrong! Not just wrong, but they were actually selling a lie - a lie that I'd bought into - which was that I could, and should, be buying (or flipping) so many properties that I could quit my job within a couple years, or perhaps even months!  But in my experience, and in talking with MANY real estate investors over the years, in the real world, this is simply not realistic, and even if it was, it can be downright dangerous. 

So, as I listened to my friends, the second feeling was a growing sense of urgency and responsibility to my friends, and to society at large, to share what I've learned, and encourage and empower others to take charge and take the steps needed to protect their late-life financial prospects and retirement dreams, as well. 
At the time, I thought writing a book would be the best way to get the word out. So I decided to write a very unusual book!

My book is NOT about getting rich in real estate and it's NOT about getting out of the rat race... overnight, (even though real estate certainly can and often does serve those purposes, over time).

My book - and my whole mission - is to show people why we need to think beyond the "nest egg" . . . and get a "chicken" (my metaphor for cash-flowing rental property!). And how to do it.  

We need to create monthly cash flow for our retirement years, so we don't have to rely on our limited, finite, depletable savings & retirement accounts, which by definition will NOT last forever. 

Why? Because there is simply and absolutely no way of knowing how much we'll be able to save (or how much is enough!), how much we'll end up needing, and how much will get shaved off of our savings by an almost unlimited array of factors that are out of our control (more on this in the book!).

Fear is my motivation. And hope too.  You see, I am terrified of a future in which the very rich keep getting richer and everyone else ends up living in desperate poverty when they are older. 

And the way I see it, unless you take a action NOW, this unfortunate outcome is within the realm of possibility. 

And this is where the hope comes in.

I developed the Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training (which I'm offering at a modest cost) to help you get off the hamster wheel, learn a ton, and take action!  

So, with ten easy steps, which I break down for you in the course, (and further broken down into every single micro-step in the Strategic Plan) . . . 

You can replace this doom-and-gloom scenario with a bright retirement future of financial safety, comfort, and even complete financial self-sufficiency. Whatever your retirement dreams are, they are still possible with a little extra creativity, courage, and most of all, action

BUT THE TIME IS NOW.  LITERALLY RIGHT NOW.  Not in an hour and not tomorrow (you know this as well as I do) . . .
because  tomorrow turns into next week, and next week turns into next year... and, just like that, you've added another year to your working life.    
"Hi!  My name is Lucky Penny! 
I am Kai's "co-instructor" in all her trainings, 
(in-person & online). My job is to..." 
" people another way and
to help people think beyond the Nest Egg 
and to get a CHICKEN!!!

Celebrity & Academic Endorsements

Kevin Harrington
Original Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, Inventor of the Infomercial, and Founder of “As Seen on TV

"Shark Tank changes lives. RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE will change your life too! Dr. K. Kai Anderson is a leader in helping working adults rethink and reclaim their retirement possibilities. This book is brilliant! RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE is one-of-a-kind because it connects the dots between retirement planning and real estate. Through clever chicken and egg metaphors, RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE does an impressive job of explaining the pitfalls of the current retirement system and the nuts and bolts of how to plan for the future using the powerful and surprisingly achievable tool of real estate. Anderson’s inspirational, positive, and easy-to-read tone makes RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE a must-read for everyone."

Kim Kiyosaki
Author of Rich Woman

"In RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE, Dr. K. Kai Anderson answers one of life's toughest questions facing most new real estate investors: How do I get started? Kai writes not from theory but from her real-life experience as an investor. Learning from someone who has made mistakes, faced challenges, rose above setbacks, and today has a successful track record makes all the difference. Her step-by-step, first-hand knowledge of how to find, manage, and create cash-flowing property can put you in control of your financial future."

Todd Sinai, PhD 
Professor of Real Estate, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business 

""RETIRE ON REAL ESTATE is a must-read for anyone considering buying residential real estate to rent, whether they are merely curious or totally serious. No get-rich-quick schemes here; Dr. Anderson provides a step-by-step guide to her conservative, disciplined method of building a real estate portfolio and assuring income in retirement." 

What other members are saying about: 
The Rental Property Mastery (NOW)
For Continuous Cash Flow (Forever) 
Masterclass Training & INNER CIRCLE
“Whether you’re just deciding to explore real estate, or you’re ready to sign the contract on your first investment property, Kai’s book and course can help you take the next step. Her rich personal experience and a deep commitment to helping folks invest wisely make this course well worth it.” 
– Rex
"Having just completed Kai’s book and webinar series, I am confident to use real estate to diversify my retirement income. Well organized and clear, Kai covers every aspect of the process, including her proven methods for selecting, contracting and renting property and vetting and keeping quality tenants. This information dispelled my apprehension and moved me forward to achieving higher retirement income. Thank you, Kai, for sharing this information!" 
 - Mary
"Kai nicely details the HOW in going about acquiring properties and tenants. Her course gently prods students to employ the methods in her book and she entertains questions they may have along the way in doing so. I’ve gained so much more confidence in taking steps to actually partake in getting involved with rentals! Love the fact that we can use your spread sheets for free!"
 - Linda
Take a moment to imagine . . . 
what life will look like, once YOU develop 
rental property mastery . . . 
Imagine all that you'll accomplish once you've developed rental property mastery...
Imagine how that will feel.
Imagine the confidence.
Imagine being able to stop working (and possibly much sooner than previously expected).
Imagine not having to worry about running out of money when you do stop working.
Imagine how your family will feel  knowing that you are getting your finances in shape to literally last FOREVER.  
Grown kids?  Imagine them not having to worry about you as you age!
Young kids?  Imagine yourself eventually being able to teach them rental property mastery, so that they too will have these financial/investment skills to last a lifetime!
Imagine having all this without wasting any more time or money . . .
easier - lighter - stronger - better - smarter - faster
Announcing . . .

The Rental Property Mastery (NOW)
For Continuous Cash Flow (Forever) Masterclass Training
Rental Property Mastery NOW Masterclass Training is a step-by-step training 
designed specifically for busy people (like you!) . . . 
To master ALL the skills within 7 weeks, 
So you can start finding deals like a pro, and also be prepared to take action when investment opportunities naturally present themselves, 
Locking in sustainable rental income FOR LIFE
(and for future generations!).  
Check out all that you get:
Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Teaching Sessions  (7 Packed Hours!) - Unlimited Access! 
The foundation of the Masterclass is the 7-part live recorded course which guides you step-by-step to rental property mastery, within 7 weeks, so you can retire with sustainable income for life and never have to worry about whether you will run out of money in retirement . . . all while having plenty of time left over for the people and activities that are most important in your life! 

These 7 classes are packed with all you need for rental property mastery. They literally crack the code for you, breaking down all the techniques, shortcuts, formulas, and must-dos (and must never-dos!).  

Class descriptions are below. (And more details are provided further down on this page.)
Class 1: Financing Tricks of the Trade & How to Acquire Property With Seemingly Little Resources
I share with you all the secret strategies - that "regular people" like you and I – Successful regular people - use to buy rentals. Whether you are starting from nothing or have existing savings &/or property, you need to know these insider's tip/tricks that I reveal in the very first session so that you can build monthly ever-flowing eggs (or Income) FOR LIFE, using rental properties!!
Class 2: The 6 Essential Steps to Evaluating Potential Rental Properties for Purchase (Including Learning How to Determine if You Should Rent Out Your Personal Home!)
In this second class, you’ll learn the 6 ESSENTIAL steps to evaluating your potential rental property, to help you negotiate and renegotiate your purchase price as you proceed through the steps, so that you are 100% confident by the time you get to the closing table that you have a GOOD and cash-flowing rental property that you won’t have to worry about – a feeling that is priceless! 
Class 3: Math Made Easy
Math Made Easy contains some of the trickiest stuff in the business, running the financials, but I break it down for you to the most essential concepts and formulas, including ways to understand and remember them. Because knowing your numbers can MAKE or BREAK your success! Quick formulas to help you evaluate the financials so that you can be confident that you have a CASH-flowing rental property – and avoid the money pits!
Class 4: Negotiating, Making Offers & Contract Essentials (To Make A Good Deal Better & A Bad Deal Disappear!)
This class divulges the secrets to making uncrackable offers & negotiating a great deal! You will also receive secret, powerful contract clauses to use yourself (or have your realtor use) to make a good deal even BETTER, and make a bad deal DISAPPEAR (without losing your deposit!) so you can make offers with confidence, and get out of them easily when necessary.
Class 5: Finding, Screening & Securing Quality Tenants
This class teaches the step-by-step strategy that I use to find/screen/secure QUALITY tenants. And how to find and screen an honest and quality property manager if you prefer the hands-off approach to property ownership. You will be have the unique opportunity to be able to LEVERAGE my 15+ years of experience (including my mistakes, and lessons learned!) to avoid pitfalls of your own, avoid scam artists, and grab awesome tenants who will help you pay off your mortgage & protect your investment for the long term!
Class 6: Risk Mitigation! (aka: “Spotting Potholes and Sinkholes Before It's Too Late!) 
Every property investor needs this class!  In this class, I show you all the risks in real estate, how to avoid them, and how to recover from them if they do hit you, including the eviction process, and more importantly eviction alternatives. Use my time-tested strategies (built from my own mistakes!) to avoid the bad egg of a tenant, the rotten chicken of a property and other risks that are inherent in real estate. 
Class 7: Your Launchpad!
This final session is Your LAUNCHPAD to make your retirement dreams come true! I break down all the details that we’ve discussed in the previous sessions into 10 concrete steps, so that your path forward is easy and straightforward and you success is inevitable.  As an added bonus, I also share two goal-attainment strategies to help you achieve rental property mastery. AND I teach advanced moves in creating additional monthly ever-flowing Eggs (Income) FOR LIFE!  
Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Challenge & Organization Workbook
This Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Challenge & Organization Workbook contains all your homework challenges and other assignments, with note-taking space, to help you stay organized, sane, and effective throughout this massive learning experience, and beyond!

To top it off, I'm including some essential resources
to make your property investing journey even easier! 


Super Bonus #1:
K. Kai Anderson's 
Award-winning Book: 
Retire On Real Estate
Kai's book has been named within the top real estate books of all time by The Book Authority.  It has also received a Robert Bruss book award from National Association of Real Estate Editors.  In this book, Kai explains why it is so important to diversify with rental property, why the retirement system is a failing experiment, and how to get "Get a Chicken" - or, in other words, a cash-flowing rental property, even when starting from nothing! While this is available at your nearest Barnes & Nobles, I'm giving you an e-book as a bonus, to get started, right now!
Super Bonus #2: Anderson Inspection Method (AIM) Tool
The AIM Tool is the MUST-HAVE tool that every property buyer (not just investors) needs to instantly simplify the house-hunting process, find the right property, and have fun in the process!  The AIM Tool is a critical component of the "Six Essential Steps to Evaluating Prospective Properties" so that you can not only remember properties after you leave, but also leverage the insights revealed through using it to negotiate a lower purchase price, save money, and improve your cash flow! (Whether you are a home-buyer, a rental property buyer, or a REAL ESTATE AGENT, the AIM Tool is a MUST-HAVE!) 
Super Bonus #3: Exclusive Membership Invitation to Our Rental Property Mastery Online Mastermind Private Facebook Group - Lifetime Membership!
This closed, exclusive Facebook group helps you to instantly connect with me and plug into a network of other current and future rental property masters so you can exchange ideas, tips, tricks, and even referrals, while you connect with people who share similar dreams, goals, and work ethics. Use the power of "positive peer pressure" to propel your dreams!


If you want to lock in the greatest value, 
PLUS have ongoing face-to-face, individualized support 
and an itemized checklist-style Strategic Plan to take you from A to Z... 
of achievers - like you - who are motivated to take the steps
to make their dreams & goals COME TRUE!  



Q/A & Accountability Coaching Sessions with Kai (Weekly Face-to-Face Zoom Calls for a Full Year)
This face-to-face, group coaching (via Zoom) provides the essential feedback and mastermind support you need to make achieving your goals almost effortless, to quickly navigate dilemmas & issues, and to free yourself from the obstacles of isolation, indecision, and stagnation that are so common when you go it alone, so you can cultivate mastery of rental property and wipe out fear that is standing in the way of your moving forward! Members will receive mastermind support to achieve both short- and long-term goals, celebrate each other's accomplishments, and ultimately develop new connections, tools, resources, solid knowledge, and confidence! (These sessions are renewable for members after 12 months at an extremely modest cost, if you later decide to maintain want the ongoing support!)
Retire on Real Estate Individualized Strategic Plan (With Itemized Start-to-Finish Checklist!)
This Strategic Plan is literally your instruction manual to success guiding you through Phase 3 - Doing It. Remember- Phase 1 is "understanding the critical role of rental property in your retirement picture. Phase 2 is developing rental property mastery.  Phase 3 is taking action.

This Phase 3 Individualized Strategic Plan incorporates all your learning from the trainings and other materials, and literally takes out all the mystery and removes areas of indecision and stagnation, so you literally have an itemized checklist guiding you through each and every step and micro-step along the way. 

It starts with an Overarching Master Plan where you determine your RORE Goal and complete the formulas find out how many properties you'll need to reach that Goal. But that's just the beginning. The meat of the plan is the Itemized Plan, which is literally a step-by-step "to do"-style checklist to guide you methodically and conservatively through the entire process of selecting, evaluating, and purchasing a good, cash-flowing rental property and selecting and landing a quality tenant - thereby removing the guesswork, the anxiety, and the tendency to procrastinate or lose momentum... reaching your goal is practically inevitable!   

"But wait, there's more!" 
(I'm not joking!) 


FREE Weekly Strategy Drop-in Sessions with Kai, For a Full Year!  (via Zoom) 
For a limited time, I'm offering you the chance to join my in-person Strategy Sessions... for FREE!  

YOU CAN USE THIS SESSIONS HOWEVER YOU LIKE!  We will strategize how to help you (and each other) reach your goals - whether it's buying your first property, your next property, deciding whether to sell or rent a property, buy a vacation home &/or AIRBNB, leverage your retirement account or existing properties, or pay off existing mortgages!     

For those who are newer to real estate and/or who want a little more structure, I'll guide you through the development and implementation of your Individualized Strategic Plan, which includes Part 1, Your Overarching Master Plan (i.e., determining your Level I, II, or III Goal & calculating how many properties you'll need (given your area) to achieve it)... and also Part 2, Your Itemized Plan that takes you, micro-step by micro-step through the entire process of acquiring cash-producing residential rental property (or turning your primary residence into a rental!) and securing quality tenants! 

(If you want to continue these sessions after a year, I'll give you and other members the opportunity to renew at an extremely modest cost.)
"This Training is LITERALLY PACKED 
with ALL the Secret Success Strategies 
that successful investors already know...
without your having to learn them the hard way."  
* 10 SECRET PURCHASE/FINANCING STRATEGIES you need to know, including the safe way to leverage assets you already own! These will help you get started even if you are starting from nothing, AND PROPEL YOU to higher levels (EVEN when they seem out-of-reach)!
* PLUS how to legally start earning rental income without owning property - great way to get started or add to what you have!
* My 6 ESSENTIAL STEPS to evaluating properties to save you money and keep you from getting burned.
* The 8 high-risk properties to avoid - and why!
* MATH MADE EASY! Master the 5 quick (but essential) formulas you NEED TO KNOW for a sound financial investment!
* STEP-BY-STEP lesson on how to use my proprietary Cash-Flow Analysis Tool to evaluate potential properties (and even current rental properties) for financial soundness (cash flow, cap-rate, ROI), plus how to use it if you are considering turning your personal home into a rental property.
* 6 SECRET NEGOTIATION TACTICS essential getting a great deal!
* 6 SECRET POWERFUL (and legal!) contract clauses (even your realtor won't know) that will make a good deal 1000x better, and a bad deal go away (without losing your deposit!)
* Mortgage essentials & their impact on your Retire on Real Estate (RORE) retirement goals.
* LANDING the right mortgage for your personal RORE goals!
* PLUS 4 ways to actually MAKE (& SAVE) MONEY at closing!

* LEVERAGE my 15+ years of experience (and mistakes and lessons learned the hard way!) so that finding, screening, and securing a QUALITY tenant is EASY and STRAIGHTFORWARD
* How to find a pool of awesome tenants!
* How to screen out the scams!
* Detailed STEP-BY-STEP SCREENING STRATEGIES to ensure you find quality tenants that will pay their rent on time and take care of your property, and ultimately pay off your mortgage and raise the value of your investment!
* DON'T LET THE GOOD ONES GET AWAY! How to snag a good prospect and persuade them to commit!
* TRICKS to managing your property with RIDICULOUSLY LOW investment of time/energy on your part
* Guidance on finding a TRUST-WORTHY property manager (if that’s your preference)
* Maintaining your property for EVER-APPRECIATING value

* The 7 risks often associated with rental property, and how to avoid them altogether, and lessen the damage should they occur
* Lowering risk at every stage of the house-hunt, from knowing your criteria, to walkthroughs with the Anderson Inspection Method (AIM) Tool, to submitting a risk-free contract
* The right way to submit an earnest money deposit . . . to ensure you get it back if you decide not to buy!
* Lower your risk of ending up with a property with expensive maintenance and repair needs!
* Knowing what type of mortgage to get (and what types not to get) to lower your risk!
Don't postpone doing what you know is right.

ACT NOW. . .
 So your retirement dreams don't slip away.  
The Rental Property Mastery (Now) ...  For Continuous Cashflow (Forever) 
Masterclass Training is: 
30-Day "No Questions Asked" 
Money-Back Guarantee
Your money back if for any reason (at all) you are unhappy with the Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training 
Just send a quick email  within 30 days of purchase and we will immediately process your refund.
Are you ready for 
Rental Property Mastery... NOW??
For Continuous Cash Flow...Forever(!) 

Which Option Is Best For You?

BASIC option
(Valued at $2200)
  • Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Teaching Sessions - Lifetime Access! (7 Hours) ($2000.00 Value)
  • Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Challenge & Organization Workbook ($50.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super Bonus #1: K. Kai Anderson's Award-winning Book: Retire On Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe & Secure Retirement  (delivered as an e-book!) ($20.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super Bonus #2: Anderson Inspection Method (AIM)         ($100.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super Bonus #3: Exclusive Lifetime Membership to Our Rental Property Mastery Online Mastermind Private Facebook Group    ($50.00 Value) 
ADVANCED TRACK with inner circle
TODAY, 70% OFF!!!
(Valued at $14,220)
  • Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Teaching Sessions - Lifetime Access! (7 Hours) ($2,000.00 Value)
  • Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training Challenge & Organization Workbook ($50.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super Bonus #1: K. Kai Anderson's Award-winning Book: Retire On Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe & Secure Retirement (delivered as an e-book) ($20.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super Bonus #2: Anderson Inspection Method (AIM)        ($100.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super Bonus #3: Exclusive Lifetime Membership to Our Rental Property Mastery Online Mastermind Private Facebook Group     ($50.00 Value)
  • Q/A & Accountability Coaching Sessions (Weekly Face-to-Face Zoom Calls for a Full Year) ($5,000.00 Value)
  • Retire on Real Estate Individualized Strategic Plan (With Itemized Start-to-Finish Checklist!) ($2,000.00 Value)
  • (FREE) Super-Freaking-Duper Bonus! Strategy Sessions (Weekly, Face-to-Face Zoom Calls for 12 Months) ($5,000.00 Value)
WARNING: These are limited-time new-launch special offers! 
(Prices will go up.)
(within 30 days of purchase)

(as you will learn in the course!)
Remember: Time Is Of The Essence  
Delayed Start = Delayed Retirement
This is your big chance to go . . .  
From thinking rentals are a smart idea... To knowing this through experience
From dreaming of rental income... To receiving rental income 
From Zillow-browsing to actual rental property investing
From salary-dependency... To retirement-ready
From fearing tenants To loving them!
And Generally, 
From Fear, Overwhelm & Procrastination... 
To Competence & Confidence 
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Dynamically Updated
How long does this training take from start to finish?
This is designed to get you the skills necessary for rental property mastery within 7 weeks, but you can retake any trainings (and have access to updated trainings) forever!  If you join the INNER CIRCLE, then we will work together face-to-face for a full year!  
What is the time commitment for this training? 
Just a couple hours per week (one for training and 1 for homework and challenge exercises!  If you join the INNER CIRCLE, then plan on up to 2 extra hours per week for our face-to-face Zoom Q/A & Accountability Coaching Calls and our Strategy Sessions!
When does the Rental Property Mastery training start?
You can start as soon as you register! If you join the INNER CIRCLE, then please join this Monday(!) the face-to-face Zoom Q/A and Accountability Coaching Calls (8-9pm, NY Time Zone). and Strategy Sessions are every Monday evening (9-10pm, NY Time Zone).
What if I can't make the Monday night Q/A & Accountability Coaching Calls?
If you join the INNER CIRCLE, and can't make the Monday night calls, this is not a problem!  I record all sessions so you will have access to your group's recorded sessions. You then can get clarity on any remaining  issues within the Facebook mastermind group. This allows members to benefit from each other's questions, and for others to chime in with their own unique perspectives.  This group input adds a ton of value to the discussion as well!
How much access to I have to you, Kai?
If you have any questions at all, just ask them within the Facebook mastermind group where we communicate often!  If you join the INNER CIRCLE, we meet as a small group every Monday evening via Zoom.  It's like I'm in your livingroom, but you won't have to worry about Covid germs!!  :)  In our small group sessions, we really get to know each other. I authentically share my ups and downs and lessons learned, and to the extent that you are comfortable and willing, you share your situation, ups/downs, and successes (both large and small!).
What is the refund policy if I'm not happy with the training?
It is very important to me that you greatly benefit from this training. After all, that is why I'm offering it! And I strongly believe that you will.  But, if you try it out and find that this training doesn't work for you, for any reason, simply send a cancellation email within 30 days of purchase and I'll refund your money right away.  
How do I know if I'm a good fit for this training?
This course is designed for you if you satisfy both criteria 1 & 2, below:
  1) You already get it that rentals are a critical part of a safe and diversified retirement picture.
  2) You own (or rent) your home, and have no rentals but you're looking to get started, OR you have 1+ rentals and you are looking to advance and hone your skills, OR you had rentals in the past, and you want to get back in the game with a fresh start and with a new goal (long-term investment!).
Can I be successful even if I don't own my own home and don't have much in savings? 
Absolutely!  I show you realistic, practical strategies to get started no matter what your starting point is!  I show you a number of good options for people in any situation - options that are realistic and don't involve complicated, wacky, risky, or unethical schemes, begging others for money, or partnering (which can shatter your relationships with the people you love and need the most)!  
If I have a very large amount in savings, do I still need this?
Absolutely! In fact, I believe you need authentic diversification (tangible, sustainable versus finite income, and profit based on monthly cashflow versus buying/selling shares) all the more.  Rental property investing is a way to lock in protection from loss or depletion of your savings. The secret sauce is in the cash-flow, not the pot of gold.  Its about thinking beyond the "nest egg" - and getting a "chicken"!
How do I access the training materials, and how long do I have access to them?
Once you register, you have lifetime access to all the trainings, workbook, other print materials, & private Facebook mastermind group via your own personal portal!  Everything is online, so you'll have them anytime & anywhere, so you won't have to worry about losing them, and you'll also have access to future updates. So, in addition to an open mind and a great attitude, all you need is access to a device with internet. And if you join the INNER CIRCLE, both the coaching and the strategy calls can be accessed either online (for face-to-face) or through a regular telephone (for voice-to-voice).  
Why should I take this training, over any others out there?
When it comes to courses on real estate investing, 99.9% pitch risky house flipping and acquiring a crazy (and risky!) number of properties, among other unrealistic & complicated "get rich quick" schemes, and usually lack specific details and real access to the instructor. You'll have access to me basically 24/7 via our Facebook mastermind group. And, if you join this INNER CIRCLE, unlike these other courses, you'll have access to me every Monday evening in small group sessions.  I'm also unique because I truly care, I'm authentic, and I teach in a step-by-step fashion the safer, realistic method of acquiring only a reasonable amount rental property to build an authentically diversified retirement picture. 
Can I invite others to this course? 
Absolutely!  Help me spread the word about rentals for authentic diversification in retirement planning. Invite your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and other family members to join, so that you don't leave them behind, financially speaking!  Also, including them will make it even more fun and supportive! (For everyone you refer who join the basic plan and sticks with past the refund-period, you get $50 back!  For the Inner Circle, that's $150 back in cash!)

Also, if you have a spouse or partner, it is best (but not a must) to invite them to join you in this training (at no extra cost) - so you both have the skills and because the everlasting income from rentals will protect the financial security of both of you, no matter who passes first. 

Rental property does carry some risk, like any type of investing.  However, the difference is that the risks are largely preventable, controllable and recoverable. 

This is unlike fix/flip real estate investing which has given real estate a bad name and is quite risky and relies on the external forces, like the stability of the economy and housing market. 

This is also unlike your retirement account (and the stock market in general) where you simply  make a "contrbution" (or buy shares), and then watch, wait, and hope that when you need your money, the stock price is higher than it was when you bought it.  That is risk.  It is unabashadely risk, as evidenced by the fact that mutual funds (which are groups of different stocks) are labeled as high, medium and low risk, and we are forced to decide what type of risk we are willing to accept whenever we choose a mutual fund or choose how to invest within our 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, IRA, SEP, etc.. 

The concept of "risk" in the stock market (and also house fix/flipping) is similar to the lottery, because winners and losers are determined at random.  The difference is that with the stock market, "random" is determined by timing.  If the market is up when you need your money, you're a winner, but if we are in a recession, or depression, sadly after a lifetime of faithful contributions, you are not only not a winner, but you could also potentially lose everything you've built up over the years.  This is just one of several reasons why rental property provides authentic diversification.  

As far as "risk" in rental property investing, The Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training shows you the range of risks in rental property investing, how to prevent them in the first place and how to recover from them relatively unscathed, if they should happen to you.

If you think you can't afford the time it takes to get the skills or even to become a property owner and/or landlord, think again!  I honestly believe you can't afford not to invest this time.  Start now, and let time work for you (so that you don't need to work for time, until the day you die!).  

The Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training is designed for busy people who have lives, jobs and loved ones, all of which need our attention!  The time commitment is just a couple hours a week.    

Speaking of time, with this training, you'll never again have to get sucked into the time-crushing rabbit hole of YouTube, Google, or so-called free webinars!  Plus, with that online "hunting/gathering" method,  you'll never know when you've learned enough, and you'll miss critical topics that you don't think to search.  This creates sloppy learning.  And the sloppiness creates more desperate searching, which can lead to overwhelm and cause you to postpone your goals, possibly indefinitely.  

Regarding the time it takes to invest in and manage property, I'll show you all the time-saving secrets at every turn.  And, if you prefer to go completely "hands off ", I show you how to find a great property manager too!

If you worry you don't have the funds to be successful, think again!  For just a nominal price, the Rental Property Mastery Masterclass Training shows you how to find creative - but realistic - ways to finance your properties, and even how to make money from land-lording without buying property at all!  And nope, I'm not talking about asking people for money, or buying properties with your credit card! (That's crazy-talk.  Stay away from courses that suggest that you use a credit card for down payment!)  

I was in my mid-20s, when it occurred to me that rental property was probably a good idea.  Mostly, I was fascinated by the idea of buying a multi-unit property, living in one unit, and having tenants pay my living expenses!  Unfortunately, it took me a full 10 years to act on my good instincts, and get started with real estate investing!

Waiting 10 years, cost me 10 years on the other end.  If I'd started 10 years sooner, the liberated cashflow from paying off the mortgages would be mine 10 years sooner!  Plus, I would have been able to take advantage, sooner, of the compounding strategies (that I now teach!) to use existing real estate to literally build upon itself.  

Nonetheless, I finally did get started around age 35, and I'll be forever grateful that I did.  Since then, I've been able to cash in on those perks (mentioned above) that I'd missed out on in the prior 10 years.  No matter how old you are, now is the time to get started!  

More so, thanks to the EVERLASTING monthly income provided by rentals, my wife and I's financial future, retirement dreams, and later life financial security are SOLID.  Otherwise, we would be as terrified as everyone else is right now.  But it would be far worse because I would know, deep down, that my (finite, limited, consumable) savings would have been my own fault, from having let procrastination and fear rule me earlier in life.  

Please don't let this happen to you either.  Since you are here, right now, you know that you know the answer. You only need to take action, starting with becoming a master of rental property!
Rental property ownership and mastery has transformed my life into an EMPOWERED ONE, which has had a positive ripple effect across all other areas of my life! 
“I am, by all measures, a novice when it comes to real estate investing. For years, I've thought of buying an investment property, but have never taken the plunge. Not doing so was largely due to a lack of information. I was lucky enough to have participated in Dr. Anderson's training and can confidently say, I no longer lack any information! This training is worth every penny for novice and experienced investors alike. Between her engaging book, high-quality videos and in-person mentorship, I left this course knowing that I had everything I needed to confidently start purchasing, managing and profiting off of real estate. Thank you, Kai, for your guidance & patience!"  
 - Daniel
"I am very happy to have participated in your online course! I found the information very specific, detailed and helpful. It covered start to finish, all the important elements for finding, obtaining and maintaining my "chicken". Thank you!"
 - Shelly

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K. Kai Anderson
Author of the award-winning book: 
Retire on Real Estate: Building Rental Income for a Safe & Secure Retirement

Friendly reminder that the material presented in Kai's course and all coaching, strategy, & ongoing support calls are not to be construed as investment, financial, tax, accounting, legal, "market-timing" or portfolio advice, and are best used when coordinated with individualized professional advice from  licensed professional(s) in at least one of these fields.